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Ok, so one of the things I’ve always love to do is scout for models. What does it take to be a “model” well by fashion industry standards women need to be 5′8″ to 6′ thin and of course beautiful. Men need to be 5′11″ to 6′3″, trim, fit, well toned and again, beautiful. There are exceptions to every rule  though, Kate Moss is a good example, she’s is 5′6″. I can always find something beautiful in anyone I meet, a laugh, a personality, a sense of humor but being photographer and an admirer of physical beauty, I’ve always paused to look at people with what is the “ideal” of beauty. Perfect set eyes, thick gorgeous hair, tall, genetically superior. Here are some of my “finds” people I’ve either met through or just out and about.

Getting behind and catching up!

So it’s been since February I’ve posted and I apologize! It’s been crazy busy for both Tim and me and though art commissions have been slow the photography has picked up! I’ve even aligned myself with a couple of modeling agencies so I spend a lot of time “scouting” for potential models! Graphic designer by day, illustrator at night and photographer on the weekends! So to get caught up I’m just going to post some of the work I’ve been doing here.

I did a shoot with Heidi, a young girl who is part German and part Filipino and a 100% beautiful! She’s what Disney’s Pocahontas would be in real life! We shot over in Dickson-Azalea Park and at Howard Middle School in downtown here in Orlando. More of Heidi in PHOTOGRAPHY click PORTRAITURE

Reese just needed head shots so he got them. Funny thing is he’s the son of one of the Judge’s I work for and when I first started working at the Courthouse I did a shoot with him and his brother and his mother, the Judge. This was 13 years ago! So when I met with him at the location for the shoot I told him this would actually be our second  shoot and told him the story of how I did the shoot for the Court Illustrated, our quarterly magazine. Not only that but he was wearing a Buster Brown boys set that I had done the art for. Crazy huh? See the rest of Reese’s shoot in PHOTOGRAPHY then click on PORTRAITURE

Cliff & Collin

I’ve hired a few personal trainers in my day and one just happened to be Cliff, he was a great and motivational trainer, I just couldn’t afford him. Worth every penny if you have a penny to spare. He was great to shoot with and to see him FINALLY taking instruction from me! We did the shoot in my studio. I normally like to work out on location somewhere but knowing we were doing atheletic shots and this being his first shoot like this I thought he might be more comfortable in the studio. His photos are in PHOTOGRAPHY/ EDITORIAL. Check him out and if you need a trainer, let me know I can get you his info!

I found Collin on and website for networking Photographers, Models, Stylists, Makeup Artist and all that. He was photographed by friend and fellow Photographer Clyph Jean-Philippe and I couldn’t get over that amazing face and those eyes! He’s looking to the future and has those beautiful eyes set on the BIG APPLE! That’s why I want to shoot with him as much as I can before he moves and blows up to be a mega star! He has that potential, smarts and drive! I look forward to more shoots with this star in the making! Check him out PHOTOGRAPHY/COLLIN ATKINSON.

Aaron & Joshua

Aaron Round, the oldest of the Round brothers, did a shoot with me Christmas Eve. The last shoot of 2011, what a way to end the year! We were able to access the roof top pool of Aspire, better known around Orlando as the KEL building in down town Orlando. It was an amazingly beautiful day in Central Florida and Aaron was a rockin’ model too! We’ve shot before with him and his brother Alex but this was all Aaron. I look forward to our next shoot next weekend! Check out the shoot we did on the roof by clicking the header PHOTOGRAPHY the click Aaron & Alex’s link to see Aaron complete shoot.

Then I shot a brand, spankin’ new model Joshua Wilson. He was my first shoot of 2012 and it was HIS first shoot ever! As you may know, I work at the courthouse by day doing what little graphic design projects we have budget left for. So I help out in the morning in the jury room processing jurors as they come in for jury duty which is a great place to scout for models! I have a fresh batch of prospects everyday and one day last week Joshua came in and I spotted him the minute he walked in the door! That face, the height, body proportions, that FACE! Amazing, just amazing! Check Joshua out be clicking PHOTOGRAPHY at the top of the site and then the little green box JOSHUA WILSON




So I’m working with a local modeling agencyon the side, Slate Models & Talent, and Michelle over there at Slate sent Eric my way. He’s tall, smart and has matinee idol good looks! Eyes that peirce right through you and a smile that warms the heart! We had a fast shoot this past Saturday and Eric told me it was his first “real” shoot. I was also assisted by an aspiring photographer named Clyph. We met through a networking site called It was a good shoot and I think we all got some great photos, to see the rest of the shoot click PHOTOGRAPHY at the top of the page and the click the little green box titled FASHION.

Now it’s time to start my Xmas illustrations!

Thanks for check out my work.


Johanness and Lonnie

I went up to NYC to see my friend Jean Francois, while there I scheduled 3 photo shoots and was able to do 1 and a half. The half one was with my friend Jean Francois, then the whole one was with Johanness. The model Sean I had scheduled with from the net working site, who I was REALLY excited about shooting with didn’t show up. I don’t know what happened to him but I had no further contact with him after the 11th and our shoot was on the 14th. Oh well, it happens I just hope he wasn’t hit by a city bus! Johanness is and actor living the dream in the Big Apple I met him a few years back in Miami, he’s a natural, easy going guy who drips with sex appeal! We shot on the roof top of my friends condo on the Upper East Side and around the city. He’s so much fun and a real good sport about crawling around in dirty stairwells. Check out the rest of his shoot by clicking the PHOTOGRAPHY header at the top of the page and the under PORTRAITURE. Now back in Orlando, Lonnie and  I shot before, he brought an Afro wig to the shoot and I just loved it! I wanted some gritty and different for his look and he brought it! Check out his shoot by click PHOTOGRAPHY the click the little green box LONNIE WHITE.

Thanks and have a lovely Thanksgiving!


Aaron O’ Connell

Here is Aaron O’Connell! He was a winner of a fitness competition which I was asked to judge. This is his first shoot and surely not his last! He was great and a natural! His body is pretty amazing but his face is STUNNING! He’s got a very bright future in what ever he decides to do!We were lucky enough to have my friend Edwin and Keith’s magnificent house which was an awesome back drop for our shoot. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for the hospitality and patience with us and letting me and my team of Sam, Tim and of course Aaron for using it! Check out the rest of Aaron’s shoot by clicking PHOTOGRAPHY then click the green box AARON O’CONNELL



Dogs in Chairs

What’s cuter than a dog in a chair?  I saw this piece of art of a big, over stuffed chair in the Charles de Gaulle airport lounge that looked a lot like my style of art, simple, colorful and pastel. I took a quick cell phone photo as we headed to the boarding gate and thought, ” I can use this for something!” Looking at it later it occurred to me that this could be really fun if it had a little dog sitting in it! Thus began the “Dogs in Chairs” series. I could go on and on with this series, I mean how many breeds of dogs are there and types of chairs!? I’m really enjoying this series. I hope you do too! Check out the rest of them by clicking FINE ART at the top of the site and once on that page, click the little blue box DOGS.

Hope you enjoy!


Lonnie White

I’m always, ALWAYS, scouting for models! Male, female, even kids too lately but I came across Lonnie standing out in front of the courthouse, where I do my day time job, waiting for his mom. I saw him and thought “Wow, what incredible eyes!”  Then noticed the height, body proportions, bone structure of his face. All this in just a glance, then another glance then a turn around and stare. At this point he noticed and was giving me a “look” too like ” What are you looking at?” So I turned around and came over to him and asked if he had ever modeled before. This is always met with different responses and usually a wasted business card but hey I put it out there! I do feel like at my age when I approach someone they think I’m some creepy old man trying to take advantage of them. Hardly, not THAT old and I really hate the photographers have that reputation! I’m not saying that all photographers are saints, but the majority really don’t want to waste their time, energy or money if they can’t get a great image. I like fashion. I like beauty. If I can push the envelope a little with a cool, edgy shoot then let’s rock! But I’m not here to exploit anyone for anything! Ok, that being said. I’ll put my soap box away.

Lonnie contacted me a few days later via e mail and let me know he was about to embark on a business venture of his own. He’s smart, creative and very polite. He’s Momma raised him well! I’m going to be doing another shoot with him soon and hope to shoot with him a lot! He’s got a very bright future!

Check out Lonnie in his own gallery page by clicking  PHOTOGRAPHY at the top of the site then click the little green box titled LONNIE WHITE.



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